On this page, we have linked all the essays that have been submitted to the Historical Society, organized by year.


Roman Mythology – Maddi Meyer ’20 – Roman Mythology- Meyer

Medieval Disciplinary Devices – Hannah Powell ’20 – Medieval Disciplinary Devices

Cartoons Aren’t Just for Kids – Will Klepper ’20 – Cartoons Aren’t Just for Kids

A History of Space Explorations as a Result of the Cold War – Sam Agro ’18 – Space Exploration

The Influence of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin on the Russian October Revolution of 1917 – Andrea Riefkohl ’20 – The Influence of Vladimir Lenin

The Impact of Ancient Mediterranean Ships – Daniel Babalola ’21 – The Impact of Ancient Mediterranean Ships

The Impact of Frank Lloyd Wright – Jenna Sortisio ’19 – Frank Lloyd Wright



Death of Chernobyl – Hannah Powell ’20 – Death of Chernobyl

The Gray Truth: Red in Black and White – Meghan Chu ’19 – The Gray Truth

Walt Disney Company’s Effect on American Culture Throughout the Great Depression and World War II – Julia Christie ’20 – Walt Disney Company’s

Hollywood Blacklisting – Cierra Hargrove ’20 – Hollywood Blacklisting

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment – Katie Manning ’19 – The Tuskegee Experiment

Military Working Dogs: Impact on War and Handlers – Sydney Kirchenheiter ’19 – Military Working Dogs

The Battle of Midway – Spencer Russell ’19 – The Battle of Midway

The Blue Revolution of Aquaculture – Alaura Enright ’20 – The Blue Revolution

The Modern Significance of the Cornell Oxford China Study – Claire Mellin ’20 – The Modern Significance



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