September 3, 1783 - Democracy

By Ryan McNemar

Democracy is the idea that the citizens of a nation would make decisions. Although there is no set date for the “beginning” of democracy, majorly popularized when the United States gained its independence from Great Britain. Democracy is also arguably the most successful form of government there is, as it allows the citizens to decide what they think is best for the nation, instead of having one person make all of decisions for the nation.
     Democracy was intensely popularized when the United States defeated Great Britain, the most powerful Military Power at the time, in the Revolutionary War to gain it’s independence. The colonies were fed up with Britain controlling them and putting taxes on their goods. They felt that they needed a country in which the people influenced the decisions. This system was democracy. Once they gained their independence from Great Britain, they were able to fully allow their Democracy to come to fruition, and it thrived with the birth of The Constitution. The Constitution also reflected a lot of ideas from the Enlightenment, such as John Locke’s idea of “a government’s power comes from the consent of its people” (p.1277). This idea intensely reflects democracy obviously because it states that the people are the key to a government’s power. 
     Democracy is still alive today in multiple countries, including the United States. Although democracy struggles in such countries, with some people becoming discontent with the decisions the majority makes, it is hard to dispute that democracy is one of, if not THE most successful forms of government in all of history.